Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How long does it take for me to complete the IEP?
A:  It will depend on your placement test result, but generally students spend one to three semesters in the program.

Q:  When is the placement test?  What do I study for it?
A:  The placement test is given on campus several days before classes begin. The test consists of two parts: the first part is a multiple choice test which includes reading, grammar and vocabulary questions; in the second part of the test, students write a short essay.

Q:  If I am accepted to the IEP, does that mean that I will be accepted to the undergraduate program at NC State?
A:  Admission to the Intensive English Program is separate from degree admission to NC State and does not guarantee admission to degree programs. Students should apply directly to Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions for admission to degree programs.

Q:  Do you issue the I-20 for the Intensive English Program?
A:  Yes. If you are admitted to the IEP, NC State will issue your I-20 and mail it to you.

Q:  I am under 18. Can I still apply to your program?
A:  You must reach the age of 18 during your first semester with the IEP. Students under the age of 18 must have written parental permission to attend the IEP.

Q: Can I be a part-time student at IEP?
A:  No. IEP students must attend all classes that are offered each semester. In general, classes are held between 23 and 25 hours per week.