NC State
Intensive English Program

We encourage you to take advantage of all the fun activities NC State has to offer. There are many opportunities to meet other students, attend sporting events, and explore Raleigh. Below are a few ideas to get you started.

Gym Access

Remember to stay healthy while you are here in the United States! Each student can access Carmichael Gymnasium using their student ID card. The gym has exercise machines, weights, a pool, an indoor track and many courts where you can play different sports. They even have a rock climbing wall and table tennis rooms! More information about Carmichael Gymnasium and NC State’s other recreation facilities can be found on this website:

The Arts

If you enjoy the arts, there are many events you can attend including theatre, dance, and musical performances. Tickets for these events are only $5 with your student ID. You can check out upcoming events and find information about purchasing tickets on the NC State Arts website:

Student Clubs and Organizations

At NC State there is a club for almost every interest or hobby. There are several animal related clubs, a robotics club, anime club, and even a sailing club! There are also many international student associations, where you can meet other students from your country studying at NC State. A list of all student organizations can be found at

Talley Student Union

The Talley Student Union is a great place to socialize with friends, have a bite to eat, and buy books and NC State clothing in the bookstore.  It is also the location of many clubs and organizations on campus.

Intramural Sports

If you enjoy playing sports, there are many casual intramural teams you can be a part of. Students involved in intramural events are there to have fun and it can be a great way to meet new friends. You can even organize your own group of friends and make a new team.

University Recreation offers intramural sports like Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and Kickball. To sign up, check out University Recreation’s website, found at

GTI’s Cultural Exchange Network (CENet) 

The goal of GTI’s Cultural Exchange Network is to foster cultural learning through academic, social and service learning activities. The network brings together students and the NC State community to integrate international students into campus life and expose NC State students to a world of cultures available here at home. Join today!

OIS Programs

 The Office of International Services is an office that helps international students with questions about their visas or immigration status. Their office also has several programs to help international students meet Americans. If you are interested in learning more about America, you may want to join these programs. You can find more information on the OIS website:


English Conversation Club

English Conversation Club is a fun place to practice your English with American students and teachers. It is a great place to learn idioms and slang that you may not learn in class. To see this semester’s meeting times, see the OIS website.  Click here for more information.


Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread gives international students the chance to have a meal with an American family at their home. This is a fun way to learn more about America and have a nice home-cooked meal! If you are interested you must turn in an application to OIS. More information can be found here.


International Friendship Program

The International Friendship Program pairs international students with American students to become friends and learn about one another’s cultures. Partners meet once a month during the school year to get coffee, go to the movies, or do something else fun together. If you are interested, more information can be found here.


Student Health Center

if you are sick during your stay at NC State, we encourage you to go to the Student Health Center. Doctors and nurses at the health center do routine examinations and can treat most common illnesses without sending you to the hospital. More information can be found on their website.

If it is an emergency call 911 immediately – do not go to the health center.

Counseling Center

If you are struggling with personal or academic problems, or feel like you need someone to talk to, the counseling center offers psychological assessments and psychiatric consultations.

Office: Student Health Center, Suite 2401  Office Hours: 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday  Phone Number: (919) 515-2423  Website:

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides NC State students a variety of legal services for FREE!

Some services they provide:law

  • understand legal documents, like leases
  • assist in landlord/tenant problems
  • represent students in court in civil matters of $10,000 or less
  • give advice on traffic tickets
  • write letters and make phone calls on the student’s behalf
  • advice on leasing or buying a new or used car