NC State
Intensive English Program

Conversation and Presentation Skills

In this class, students develop their speaking skills and cultural understanding of how to participate in a conversation with native-English speakers. Activities include practicing vital conversational skills such as expressing opinions in one-on-one conversations, participating in small group discussions, and presenting information or research in front of an audience. In addition to conversational practice, the details of verbal discourse (pronunciation, stress, intonation and tone) are also addressed.

Listening and Note-Taking Skills for University Lectures

Using a variety of authentic academic listening passages, students will develop their listening skills and note-taking techniques. Listening to extended lectures and noting important facts and ideas is a key component of this class, as it will be in undergraduate lecture classes.

Academic Reading and Vocabulary Development

This class is designed to expose IEP students to authentic examples of the styles, vocabulary, and reading topics they may see in undergraduate classes at an American college or university. The instruction and practice of reading strategies and vocabulary skills at this level include pre-reading, analyzing the structure and content of each passage, and discussion activities which address each student’s critical thinking skills.

Academic Writing and Advanced Grammar Usage

Students must have the knowledge and confidence in their English writing ability to succeed in undergraduate classes and in the business world. The goal of this class is to take students from writing accurate and insightful paragraphs to writing a well-organized essay. The most common rhetorical patterns of narrative, descriptive, compare/contrast, and opinion essays are introduced and practiced throughout all levels of the Intensive English Program. Additionally, students will be introduced to the academic practices of researching and writing a short- to medium-length research paper. Students will focus on using appropriate resources and, most importantly, how and when to cite outside sources in a research paper.

American Life and University Culture (ALUC)

This class is designed for new students and is taken the first semester of enrollment in the IEP.  ALUC  provides discussions with the other IEP students, NC State student mentors, and the course instructor on topics related to being successful as an international student.  Topics include academically-focused aspects of student life, such as communication strategies, time management and goal setting, academic policies and resources available on campus, working effectively in groups, as well as cultural information and practical advice pertinent to students’ success.