NC State
Intensive English Program

Proof of Immunizations

  • IEP students, are required to show proof of all immunization requirements before arriving on campus.
  • In addition, all students MUST fill out a Tuberculosis (TB) screening form and a health history form in their HealthyPackPortal. (Note: a unity ID and password are necessary to log on to this site).

Immunization Compliance

Step 1: Submit proof of immunizations

Click here for blank IMMUNIZATION FORM to take to your healthcare provider.

Complete the Immunization Record form with your healthcare provider.

The records MUST:

  • Have a healthcare provider’s signature, clinic address, and clinic stamp.
  • Be officially translated into English.
  • Have your full name on it.
  • Have your NC State student id number on it.
  • Say that you are an IEP student.

Upload completed immunization record 

  • Log into HealthyPack Portal (Select North Carolina State University for your school)
  • Select the “Upload” tab
  • Choose “Immunization Record” as the “document you are uploading”
  • Select File
  • Click “Upload

Questions about immunizations? Email All emails should include your full name and NC State student ID number.

Step 2: Enter your immunization dates online

  • Log into HealthyPackPortal
  • Select the “Immunization” Tab
  • Select “Enter Dates
  • Use your Immunization Record to enter the dates you received on your vaccines.
  • Click Submit

Step 3: Complete the Health History and TB Screening Forms Online

  • Log into HealthyPackPortal
  • Select the “Forms” tab at the top of the page
  • Complete the two forms under “Online Forms” – 1) NC State Health History Form and 2) TB Questionnaire 


Note: Your immunizations will more than likely say “Not verified” until orientation. That is okay! There is no need to worry or contact the IEP or Health Center – the Health Center will verify your immunizations during the first few weeks you are on campus.


Tuberculosis (TB) Testing Requirement

Students from high risk countries, including China, are required to have a Tuberculosis (TB) test completed in the United States. Students will have the opportunity to complete a TB test at NC State’s Student Health Center once they arrive.


  • Note: TB tests given overseas cannot be accepted. Results from x-rays completed in medical facilities outside the United States will not be accepted either. 


Student Health Services can also perform a blood test (IGRA) to detect a tuberculosis bacteria infection. If you need this this test done please call 919.515.2563 to make an appointment once you are on campus.

 Additional Information: