NC State
Intensive English Program

 IEP formation from above

The IEP currently offers three levels of instruction.

Level 4 – Intermediate

Level 5 – High Intermediate

Level 6 – Low Advanced

Depending on the level in which the students are placed, they will take between 23-25 hours of instruction per week.  Click here to see a sample schedule.

Each level takes approximately one semester (15 weeks in fall and spring) to complete.  Students have the option to take a shortened summer session (9 weeks) to attempt to pass a level. The summer session is recommended for only returning students due to its condensed schedule and intensive  nature. Level 4 is typically not offered during the summer due to low interest/need. Summer is best for motivated new students who have at least a TOEFL iBT 70 or place into our Levels 5 and 6.

** Students must pass all classes at a given level with an average of 85% in each class AND have at approximately 90% program-wide attendance to advance to the next level.  Level 6 students must also receive passing scores on the exit writing and oral proficiency exams to complete the IEP.