NC State
Intensive English Program

Listen to what our students have to say about the IEP!

“It is more than English.  You can be involved in American culture.”

-Hamad from Saudi Arabia

“IEP has helped me get used to college life. I am going to be even more prepared when I enter my undergraduate [program].  My life has completely changed.  I met a lot of people from different countries and different cultures.”

 -Ines from Peru—Major: Textile Management and Brand Marketing

“….for me it’s just my little world.  It’s my home now.  We’re a big family, and we are all proud about being here at NC State.”

-Laura from Venezuela — Major: Biological Sciences

“For me, IEP helped bridge the gap between me and the American culture. The IEP is not just about passing levels, it’s much more than that. It’s a place where different cultures meet, where misconceptions become obsessions, and where creativity is everyone’s favourite activity. The biggest freedom the IEP gave me was the freedom to make mistakes, which helped me improve everyday. Finally, I realized that whatever we learn , ‘gratitude should be an attitude’,  whether it’s towards our teachers or friends.”

-Deepinder from India — Major: Business Administration

“LeavMariene BSMPing my country to live in a completely different place was challenging, even though studying abroad was on the top of my dreams’ list. To attend the IEP at NC State was, for sure, a very important step for me, and I was lucky to meet such nice people teaching and studying there. At the rooms and halls of IEP, I made friends, we learned about different cultures, music, foods, places, and thoughts. Of course there were a lot of homework too!! But I’m glad to had dedicated time doing them. I realized that the more my English improves, the larger the world becomes. So, learning a different language was not the big deal, but improving my communication skills. Thanks to the time I spent being an IEP student, I could get a nice TOEFL score, take academic classes at NC State, make friends from all around the world, and achieve my academic goals.  I really loved this experience, and I’ll never forget how everybody was so nice and friendly.”

 -Mariene from Brazil. Major: Biomedical Sciences

Our students say it best!  Listen to a speech from Mazin Said Al-Omairi, an IEP student from Oman.  Here he shares his experiences in the IEP, what he learned, and how it has helped him.  This speech was given at the Summer 2015 IEP Completion Ceremony.